What are the good bits?

  • Free product consultancy and advice on development and construction

  • Quotation and location of manufacturing resources in China

  • Taking care of negotiations for your current supply source

  • Product art and design from briefing and prototyping

  • Quotation from numerous preferred sources


Many traditional sourcing companies say they go direct to the factories in China, but quite often this is not the case. All too often the agent contacts another sourcing agent in China or Hong Kong and has them coordinated the work on their behalf. The offshore agents takes their cut, and the local agent takes their cut. This means too many people get their clip before you see a final price-point.

In order for our finance platform to work, 2Star must go direct to the factories. On top of this, our staff in China regularly visit our factories to ensure operating standards and quality control. This keeps excess fingers out of the pie!


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